Urban Design, Planning and Development

PHC provides Urban Design, Planning and Development expertise to aid land owners, government agencies and private developers to build and grow communities through social, economic and environmental improvement.

PHC’s services include:

PHC’s Urban Design and Planning team believes that good urban design is not a fad. It involves a common sense approach to the design of urban environments. Place making alone is not successful unless it is based on a sustainable approach, attending to economic, social, cultural and environmental factors that all intertwine to make vibrant spaces.

PHC’s Urban Design and Planning team collaborates with a variety of consultants, government agencies and community groups to undertake:

  • Regional town revitalisation projects
  • Subdivision design
  • Mixed use developments
  • Transit oriented development projects
  • Industrial development projects, and
  • Lifestyle subdivisions

Uniquely, PHC ensures clients have access to senior planning staff throughout the life of the project.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential in providing long term guidance for the way our communities, towns, cities and regional areas grow. Based on economic, social, cultural and environmental considerations, strategic planning is the cornerstone for a coordinated social and economic growth action plan and PHC’s team is experienced in working with engineers, economists, environmental consultants and demographers to produce strategic plans nationally and internationally.

Statutory Planning

PHC’s team has extensive experience in statutory planning – from obtaining development approvals from local authorities to providing advice to developers and government agencies on current and future land use opportunities.

Design Guidelines

PHC are at the cutting edge of design guideline preparation and have undertaken projects both nationally and internationally. Most recently, PHC was contracted by KEO to complete the Al Duqm Industrial Master Plan Design Guidelines in the Middle East. Al Duqm is a new city to be established around a port and economic zone that incorporates light, medium and heavy industrial uses, including renewable energy industries.

Urban System Assessments

PHC’s Urban Design and Planning team specialise in assessing land holdings to determine their development potential. PHC has prepared a number of urban system assessments for the Housing Authority and other government agencies.

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