International Business Engagement

PHC offers Australian and international businesses advice, support and access to key strategic partnerships to capture global market opportunities.

PHC maintains a network of strategic relationships in the private and public sector – with particular focus on Asia – allowing your business to identify and monetise opportunities, creating long-term success in the global economy.

Is your business looking to expand into the Australian market?

PHC can assist businesses based outside Australia to capture opportunities in the growing Australian market by overcoming challenges and fostering strong government/business relationships. Our intimate knowledge of Australian government procedures will assist clients to successfully engage and profit from expanding their business in Australia.

PHC’s head office is in Perth, Western Australia. The shared time zone with most parts of Asia (GMT+8) makes PHC particularly well placed to facilitate trade between countries in Asia.

Are you an Australian company looking to build your business internationally?

PHC is an expert in developing and tailoring business models to capture opportunities in the dynamic international market. PHC is able to provide in-depth insight into these markets to ensure your product or service is positioned correctly and ready to capture the full market opportunity.

PHC. Bringing your business and the future together.