Information and Communications Technology

PHC provide integrated, business-driven solutions for complex ICT environments. Regardless of industry or workload type, PHC is committed to deliver business value and create efficient and collaborative technology platforms.

PHC leverages cutting-edge technologies and service delivery platforms to create technical solutions that are in line with business requirements. PHC has expertise in:

  • Business and Systems Analysis
  • Project Management and Change Management
  • Cloud Adoption, Technology Selection and Migration Planning
  • Hybrid Cloud Concepts and Deployment
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) provisioning and integration
  • Azure Services and Office 365 provisioning and integration
  • Corporate ICT Environment Design and Deployment
  • Data Centre Infrastructure and Networks Design and Deployment
  • Online Information and Collaboration Systems Design and Deployment

PHC’s approach is to work collaboratively with clients to understand business and operational requirements and to formulate anticipated business value. After creating the solution and ensuring the value has been delivered, PHC provides support services to facilitate the system’s acceptance and shorten the transitioning phase.

Leveraging the latest technology to map-out and align business processes has led PHC to develop the ‘Socrates’ program – an end-to-end Finance and Human Resources system delivering analysis, integration, change management, succession planning and staff training to Western Australian Government Departments. This holistic approach has facilitated the streamlining of systems and applications, aligning them with all internal business units. The project includes business optimisation across:

  • Corporate Library Services
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources & Payroll
  • Resource Management
  • Online Information Management Platform
  • Business Intelligence
  • ICT Enablement

‘Socrates’ allows for these improved, streamlined environments to be cloud-based and automatically updated.

The ‘Socrates’ Finance Project is the first government implementation of the Oracle Fusion Enterprise Resource Planning system solution in Australia.

The running costs of the new systems and processes are projected to save the Western Australian Government $11.3 million per year. Efficiencies derived from the new systems are expected to save a further $8.8 million per year.


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