Social Impact Baseline Study

Social Impact


PHC assisted a leading University based research centre prepare a Social Baseline Study of communities within the Pilbara region of Western Australia for a leading international mining company specifically relating to headline indicators in the areas of public safety, transport, infrastructure, economic activity and the environment.


The overarching constraint in relation to this project was that of time. The PHC team completed the task at short notice and within the project parameters.


PHC uses an advanced cost benefit analysis to evaluate and prioritise different projects, as well as build a case to determine the proceedings or adjustments of the project’s future. This analysis features the development of advanced stakeholder perspectives. PHC in collaboration with the University of Western Australia Business School’s Centre for Social Impact have created a Cost Benefit Analysis Tool (CBAT), which places a monetary value on the social, environmental and financial aspects of a project or program.


PHC found the (CBAT) methodology particularly effective when assessing Government programs with a strong social and environmental focus. Often traditional analysis focuses on the financial aspects of a project and thus fails to articulate the projects real benefits to society. PHC’s approach is to undertake analysis, as per the Client’s specifications, and strengthen this with a CBAT analysis of the cases to articulate the true benefit of the program to society.

PHC expertise for the Social Impact Baseline Study included:

  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Research & Data Interrogation
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