Geospatial Information System (HAGIS)


PHC was involved in the most data-intensive project completed at the Housing Authority in recent years.


The Housing Assets Geospatial Information System (HAGIS) delivers a visual map of housing assets, tenancy management data, property inspection data, utility and amenity data and will soon include geo-coding and GPS integration.


PHC was initially engaged to embed the Housing Authority Geospatial Information System (HAGIS) system within the Authority. As a part of that process we were asked to discuss further requirements of the system from the business. In essence to identify further data sets that could be displayed spatially. The significant dataset that was identified was the works in progress dataset. Discussions were undertaken to determine what the requirements of the business were.


Once this was determined the dataset was sourced in relation to all prospects, proposals and projects across the Authority. A database (known within the Authority as Works in Progress or WIP) had to be created to store and the ongoing update this information. When geocoding a determination about which particular spatial identifier will be used has to be determined in this instance it was lot and street number. Within HAGIS the requirement for geocoding is that a .csv file of the data is extracted and loaded into the HAGIS via the geocoding tool.

Similar processes were undertaken with data relating to Bond loans provided by the Authority, identifying properties that were previously owned by the Authority and those properties being developed and sold as a part of the Authority’s ‘Affordable Housing’ program.


The delivery of a Works in Progress register and the capacity to spatially represent it now gives personnel in the Authority oversight of all prospects, proposals and projects. It acts as a ‘single source of truth’. Personnel are aware of what works their colleagues are engaged with so there is no confusion around who is or who should be dealing with prospects, proposals and projects.

PHC has been responsible for the project development and integration into business, and is now engaged in examining commercial opportunities for other department agencies to use the system.

Training was conducted to all staff throughout Western Australia, with PHC staff facilitating training sessions in every Housing Authority location.

PHC expertise for HAGIS included:

  • Project Management
  • Project Coordination
  • Training Manager and Coordinator
  • Business Case, Scope and Implementation Plans;
  • Project Management;
  • Business Analysis;
  • Data Analysis & Development (Geocoding);
  • Training Management and Coordinator;
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