BHP Oil and Gas project in Onslow

BHP Onslow

BHP Billiton needed to source a development site in Onslow for their operational workforce on the BHP Macedon Gas production facility.


The housing solution required accommodation and common use facilities for 17 workers who would fly in and fly out of Onslow and stay in the facility. BHP had approached the West Australian government for assistance and were offered a parcel of land in the town owned by the Housing Authority.


BHP appointed PHC to work with the Housing Authority to negotiate commercial terms between the two parties and oversea the design and development of a facility that would meet the needs of the BHP, be acceptable to the WA Housing Authority and the local community.


BHP developed a design using 17-bedroom ‘modules’ that could be pre-fabricated and transported to the site in Onslow. Once in situ these units could be visually connected with a single skillion roof design. The site was made up of three individual titles that needed to be amalgamated into one. The area is subject to flooding so the design was raised off the ground on a steel frame and this in turn created shaded area under the building for parking and storage.


A 15-year lease was negotiated with the Housing Authority and approval obtained from the local council to amalgamate the three separate titles. Part of the agreement was that at the end of the 15 year term the Housing Authority had the option to either take over ownership of the building on the site or request BHP to return the site to its previous condition and remove all the built form and ancillary items such as transformers. BHP were able to quickly construct the accommodation facility and provide the necessary accommodation for workers to commence operation of the gas plant facility.

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