SOCRATES HR and Finance System



The Department of the Attorney General (DotAG) provided Human Resources and Finance services to the Department of Corrective Services (DCS) on a Shared Services model.

After a review in 2011, DCS and DotAG were instructed by the Economic Review Committee to separate their Corporate Services. This meant DCS needed to acquire new systems and recruit staff to perform these Corporate Services.

PHC led planning, development and implementation of the entire program of works for DCS, known as the SOCRATES Program.


The increased cost and complexity of the Shared ICT environment, with decreasing value delivered to DCS as a result of aging technology and enterprise architecture.


  1. Maximise effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of the DCS service delivery.
  2. Deliver a holistic approach with business digital transformation across:
    Corporate Library Services
    Financial Management
    Human Resources & Payroll
    Resource Management
    Online Information Management
    Business Intelligence
    ICT Enablement
  3. Align technological capabilities to support the Department’s vision: to be a leading, world class corrective services organisation.


PHC planned, developed and delivered the SOCRATES Program: This Program would provide integration, flexibility, scalability and compatibility of ICT and business systems architecture aligned with DCS’s operational priorities and benchmarks.


PHC’s SOCRATES Program has delivered to DCS:

  • Full control, accountability and oversight of Corporate Service delivery.
  • Removal of process inefficiencies developed in response to limitations of services provided under the Shared regime.
  • Viable, agile and scalable ICT infrastructure to enable efficient and effective service delivery.
    This included:
    – Improved efficiency of HR, Payroll and Financial Management service delivery;
    – Improved processing and response time within Corporate Services area;
    – Increased control and accountability for corporate service delivery;
    – Increased control over cost and value delivered through ICT investments;
    – Increased productivity through removing time consuming manual processes;
    – Improved data collection and reporting through automated solutions and integrated systems;
    – Reduced operational and compliance risk due to the direct control and accountability for ICT environment changes and continuity plan;
    – Improved operational environment.

SOCRATES has allowed for these improved, streamlined environments to be cloud-based and automatically updated.

The running costs of the new systems and processes are projected to save the Western Australian Government $11.3 million per year. Efficiencies derived from the new systems are expected to save a further $8.8 million per year.

PHC’s SOCRATES Program was the first government implementation of the Oracle Fusion Enterprise Resource Planning system solution in Australia.

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